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White Gold Vs Yellow Gold – Which Should I Buy

Gold is known as one of the most precious metals on earth. It has both monetary and cultural value as it’s widely used in jewelry artifacts. However, recently a few colored variants of it has been introduced, the most popular of them is White Gold which is giving the original yellow gold a competition. Let’s learn the similarities and difference between white gold and yellow gold to develop an understanding of both these.

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A Brief Guide for Where to Buy Moissanite

Where to buy Moissanite? This is an important question, finding a good vendor proves to be nearly impossible. However, you can get over with just a few tricks up your sleeve. Yes, train yourself not to be cheated with the following guide. Later, we will provide you important tips for selecting a reliable seller. The best one is amazon.

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What is Diamond Accent With Each and Aspect of Them

If you had the pleasure of venturing into a jewelry shop or have a brief look onto catalog magazine or flier that feature jewelry. Speaking of which, you might as well catch the phrase, Accent diamonds. Well, these may not be as expensive as the larger ones, but still they have their own uses and properties. Following are a few examples of these. Learn them and see whether you should invest in these or not.

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What Does Diamond CTW Mean

Diamonds are the most loved gem and are greatly desired by women.  Diamond inculcates this sense of possession and pride in women. The elegance and the beauty of a diamond are truly unbeatable and no wonder it is one of the most expensive gems available. There are many aspects that affect the price of a diamond. The most common factor is the ctw. But, what does ctw stand for? CTW means Carat Weight. The diamond ctw decides the price of every piece. You might be surprised to know that buying diamonds also requires some detailed understanding about this gem. Let us get some detailed insight about how to buy the best diamond.

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The Thin Line Between Amora Vs Forever Brilliant Moissanite

About a hundred years ago Dr. Moissan discovered shimmering new mineral in Arizona desert. It was a miniscule part of the meteor that struck earth’s surface some fifty thousand years ago. The particular had fire and luster that was never seen before. It was silicon carbide. With time, it has been generated in laboratory conditions to bring out jewels that last a lifetime and beyond. However, two of the highest varieties are often confused. Questions have been asked regarding amora moissanite vs forever brilliant moissanite for quite some time now. Though both of them are class apart in their segment, there are subtle distinctions.

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Radiant vs Cushion Cut – How to Tell the Difference

People who buy diamond add to the debate of Radiant vs. Cushion Cut Diamonds. To be honest, this is all for a good reason as it shows their differences revealing their cuts and helping you make your mind about what kind of cut should you buy.

Both of these have differences and similarities, so when you are choosing one for yourself, you might find yourself confused to choose between them. We are helping you to fight this confusion by stating some bright points about each cut and what makes it different from the other one. This way, you will be better prepared for selecting between the two of them.

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