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The Fundamental Difference Between Moissanite vs CZ

Fragments of meteorite lay scattered in the deserts of Northern Arizona and near Diablo Canyon. In 1893, notable French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered these meteorites remains that comprised of a shimmering quality. After a grueling research, the eminent scientist later concluded that it was new mineral by the name of social carbide. It was a never seen before discovery. In 1905, notable gem expert George Kunz recommended that the new mineral should be christened in honor of Dr. Moissan. The jewel was then named Moissanite.

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Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond – Difference and Comparison

The duo of Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamond may not stir up your attention just because they look the same. If you forgive the looks, you will notice one is a chemical makeup while the other one is the symbol of pride and love. Looking up to their physical properties, you will see that both of them are entirely different as CZ is just a stimulant of the diamond. To help you stay safe from Jeweler Hoaxes. Following, we are lighting the differences between a Diamond and Cubic Zirconia.

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